Shadows and light. Oceans of sound.


A gathering of friends.

Reflections is an immersive curatorial platform for sound, light, and space. It’s a place to be. A space to dream. Each night pairs a legend of new age and ambient music with cinematic visuals, uniting sound, light, and sacred architecture for a uniquely visceral experience.
Founded in 2023 by Bob Maynard and Brandon Shotwell, we’ve been lucky enough to work with visionary composers like Suzanne Ciani, Steve Roach, Suso Sáiz, and Ben Neill, along with lighting artists like Eric Epstein, Taylor Gonzalez, and Nick Ciontea ✨

Meditations on the infinite. 

NYC. Chicago. LA. Denver. Portland. Seattle. San Francisco.  

Contact Us

Send us a note at with inquiries about tickets, performances, and partnerships.


How can I buy a ticket 🎟️?
Check our event pages. Almost all of our tickets are sold through DICE.
Are your venues ADA compliant ♿?
They typically are. We describe each venue’s ADA compliance on our event pages.
Do you offer ticket 🔁 refunds?
Only for cancelled or rescheduled events, issued on request up to 30 days after new dates are announced. 
 Can we partner 🔗 on an event?
Send us an email to info at ageofreflections dot com.
Are your shows all ages 👼?
Most are all ages, though we find that young kids get impatient with the ambient vibes.

Do you serve drinks?
Only water💧 But we plan to offer a variety of drinks in the future.
How do I learn about upcoming events 📆?
Subscribe to our newsletter. You’ll get city-specific updates.
Are events seated 🪑?
Yes. All of our events are seated, general admission, first-come first-served.
Do you have a lost and found 🧸?
Yes. Send an email to info at ageofreflections dot com.

See you around...

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