Immersive ambient drones and field recordings from Nairobi’s Joseph Kamaru (KMRU)   

Friday, April 5, 2024
Immanuel Presbyterian Church
7pm (doors) 8pm (performance)
with Lucy Liyou
All ages


An evening of live ambient electronics and minimalist drones led by KMRU (from Nairobi, Kenya) and Lucy Liyou. We’ll pair their intricate sound design with a breathtaking light experience projected on the walls of this historic church.


KMRU is Nairobi-born, Berlin-based sound artist Joseph Kamaru. For him, sound is a sensorial medium through which social, material and conceptual interpretations are manifested in his works. KMRU carries with him a repository of listening experiences from Nairobi and beyond expanding his sonic practices, bringing an awareness of surroundings through creative compositions, installations and performances.

He has earned international acclaim from his performances at the Barbican, Berlin Atonal, Présences électronique, and releases on Editions Mego, Subtext, Seil Records. KMRU has carved out a serious and definitive space on the list of essential authors in ambient experimental music – one of the most prolific and innovative artists in his field.

Lucy Liyou

LUCY LIYOU is a San Francisco-based artist. They synthesize field recordings, text-to-speech readings, poetry, and elements from Korean folk opera into sonic narratives that explore the implications of Orientalism and westernisation. 

Their musical world alternates between beautiful serenity and unsettling entropy. Gorgeous bits of neoclassical music fragment into decaying shards, voices get warped beyond recognition, and shimmering light makes way for bitcrushed noise.

Immanuel Presbyterian Church

Designed by Los Angeles architect Chauncey Fitch Skilling and modeled after French Gothic cathedrals, Immanuel Presbyterian Church was completed in 1929 in what’s now known as LA’s Koreatown district. The building's stone-clad corner tower soars 205 feet above Wilshire, supported by a steel frame that allows for a strikingly spacious interior. The building is an ADA accessible space.

3300 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

KMRU + Lucy Liyou

LA – 4/5/24


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